Stop Using Ethics Rules as a Crutch/What’s Really Holding You Back with Jess Birken [LGE069]

So often lawyers are afraid to try something new (or new to them), and they often cite the ethics rules as one of the reasons they cannot do whatever it is.  After reading Seth Godin’s recent blog post Fear of Kohlrabi, Jess Birken and Megan got into a discussion of what really hinders lawyers’ ability[…]

Nurturing Your Social Media Presence to Avoid Ethics Issues with Erin Gerstenzang [LGE 057]

Social media is a necessary part of doing business in the digital age. As a lawyer, it’s important to be personable, likable, and professional on social media, but how exactly does one do that? In this episode, two well-informed and experienced attorneys discuss how to utilize social media and use it as a tool to[…]

Most Common Bar Complaints and What Lawyers Should Do If They Receive One

Every year, the California Bar releases the most common bar complaints filed for the year. We still have right around three weeks before we can expect the report detailing complaints filed in 2018. So, instead, we thought we’d share, from a historical perspective, the most common bar complaints as well as what lawyers should do[…]

CA State Bar Fingerprinting Requirement Reveals 2,000+ Unknown Convictions

In January 2019, we informed you of the CA State Bar fingerprinting requirement for all lawyers to undergo a second fingerprinting by the State Bar of California by no later than April 30, 2019. Recently, the ABA Journal reported that the new CA State Bar fingerprinting requirement led to the discovery of over 2,000 convictions[…]

What Options Exist for CA Bar Court Defense?

Lawyers in need of a CA bar court defense have several options to choose from. The real concern is which option they should choose. It’s an important decision since disciplinary action from the bar can impact your career in several ways. In this post, we’re going to explain the basics of each CA bar court[…]

Paying Yourself from an IOLTA: How to Avoid an Ethics Complaint

Paying yourself from an IOLTA account is an important concept in law office management. An IOLTA account is a trust account used to hold money paid to you by a client until that money is earned. One of the most common reasons ethics complaints are filed against lawyers is mismanagement of an IOLTA account. Every[…]

What Happens When a Lawyer Is Sanctioned?

As a bar defense attorney, Megan helps lawyers facing a California State Bar investigation. One of the most common questions asked is: what happens when a lawyer is sanctioned? Here’s what you need to know. When a Lawyer Is Sanctioned, It Must Be Reported When a lawyer is sanctioned, it is mandatory that it is[…]

The Ethics of Law Practice Systems and Project Management With John Grant [LGE 050]

Technology is pulling lawyers and law practices into the modern age but how can you, as a lawyer and business owner, use technology to improve your practice management while remaining compliant with the ethics rules? Along with using technology, how can you apply project management concepts to improve your business? I’m joined by John Grant,[…]

Law Practice Lessons Learned on the Race Course

One of Megan’s favorite hobbies (and dare I say…talents) is long-distance obstacle course races. Recently, Megan spoke during Continuing Education of the Bar for the State Bar of California. She shared several important lessons learned from her obstacle course races and how they can be applied to the practice of law. This post is a[…]