5 Legal Practice Management Insights to Reduce Your Ethics Risk

Legal practice management is an essential tool to reduce your risk of violating ethical safeguards put in place by the bar. As legal tech continues to improve, there are more options for lawyers that help them run a better practice while remaining in compliance. Here are 5 legal practice management insights that will help you[…]

How to Guide: Records Retention Policy Creation for Lawyers

It’s no secret that being a lawyer generates a lot of paperwork. Although there are some great online options available for storing documents (and even sharing them with clients), that doesn’t mean that it’s possible for every law office in the United States to become paperless. Many courts still require physical copies for filing as[…]

Yes, Even Small Matters Need a Signed Retainer Agreement

Retainer agreements are a common part of law firm life, particularly when the matters at hand can take a significant length of time. Yet, retainer agreements are extremely important in small matters, too. If you’re not using one for small or simple matters, you could find yourself in an extremely time consuming (and often expensive)[…]

How Intimidation Affects Your Law Practice Management Plan

Your to-do list just keeps growing. It seems like there’s never enough time in a day for you to get things done. And because you don’t feel like you’re getting enough done, you’re beginning to feel intimidated. Did you know that intimidation affects your law practice management plan? It’s true. Your law practice management plan[…]

5 Practice Management Moves Every Lawyer Should Make

Practice management is an important concept for lawyers. This isn’t just about keeping all your proverbial ducks in a row for your clients and for yourself (although that’s also extremely important). It’s also about protecting your practice from facing a devastating legal ethics investigation. Last week, we discussed what happens when an ethics investigation closes.[…]

How an Accountability Partner Can Help You Run a Better Law Practice

Can an accountability partner really help a solo lawyer run a better law practice? Yes. The purpose of choosing an accountability partner for personal or professional reasons is so that you have someone to talk with about the things you know you need to do. Solo lawyers have a special burden placed upon them. Unlike[…]

The 8 Rules of IOLTA Accounts

IOLTA accounts are trust accounts managed by lawyers. It holds money that was received from the client for the purposes of funding their matter. Mismanagement of an IOLTA account is one of the most common ethical violations committed by lawyers. While every jurisdiction has its own rules that practicing lawyers should know and abide by,[…]

Bar Discipline: Can It Make Your Law Practice Stronger?

Bar discipline certainly isn’t an occurrence that lawyers look forward to experiencing. In fact, most lawyers will do what they can to avoid the process. Yet, there are lawyers who end up going through the bar discipline process more than once. This often happens because lawyers remain angry and frustrated about the initial investigation. They’re[…]

Should Your Engagement Letter Include Agreed Upon Procedures?

Think about the engagement letters that your practice sends out. Do they include the agreed upon procedures? If not, they should. An engagement letter that includes agreed upon procedures can protect you form an ethical violation. While all lawyers and firms can benefit from changing their engagement letter to include specific tasks, a detailed letter[…]