Billing to Avoid Ethics Complaints

This post was written by Megan Zavieh and originally published on on April 30, 2013. When it comes to ethics complaints, nothing stirs the pot with a disgruntled client like a bill they believe is too high — and if they’re already unhappy, they are bound to think your bill is unreasonable. The trouble[…]

Privilege Waiver: How Does It Affect a State Bar Complaint?

When a state bar complaint is filed against you, how does a privilege waiver affect it? Because the bar investigates the complaints, it’s obvious that at least some of privilege is waived. The real question is: what amount of information is covered by the privilege waiver so that you can defend yourself against the state[…]

Answered: The Most Asked Questions about Legal Ethics Sanctions

Being subjected to legal sanctions after a disciplinary hearing doesn’t mean that the situation has come to a close. It creates more questions. Here are the answers to the most asked questions about legal ethics sanctions. Do I Have to Report the Legal Sanctions? Yes. You must report the sanctions in any jurisdiction in which[…]

Facing Disbarment in California? Tips from

Disbarment is the most serious consequence of a legal ethics investigation. If you’re facing disbarment in California, you should visit the State Bar Playbook website to access an interactive guide that walks you through the process from the investigative stage all the way through the appeals process. You’ll also find examples of responses, court filings,[…]

Ethics Complaint from the California Bar? Read This Before You Respond

If you’ve received an ethics complaint from the California Bar, take heart. You’re certainly not alone. The California Bar releases an annual discipline report generally in April of each year. On the day this post was written, the most recent annual discipline report was released on April 30, 2017 and covered 2016. During 2016, the[…]

Attorney Discipline: 5 Considerations to Help You Decide If You Should Represent Yourself

If you’re involved in an attorney discipline matter through the state bar, should you represent yourself? When a lawyer receives a letter from the state bar that announces the lawyer is under investigation because of a bar complaint, there are three choices. The lawyer can respond on their own, they can get a colleague to[…]

Bar Discipline: Can It Make Your Law Practice Stronger?

Bar discipline certainly isn’t an occurrence that lawyers look forward to experiencing. In fact, most lawyers will do what they can to avoid the process. Yet, there are lawyers who end up going through the bar discipline process more than once. This often happens because lawyers remain angry and frustrated about the initial investigation. They’re[…]

Does Practice Experience Matter with Attorney Discipline?

When it comes to attorney discipline, both seasoned and newly licensed attorneys are at risk. One of the most commonly asked questions related to ethics investigations is: does practice experience matter with attorney discipline? Although every state bar considered aggravating circumstances and mitigating factors, not every state will take the practice experience into consideration. The[…]

Lawyers, the Americans with Disabilities Act Will Not Protect You from Bar Discipline

The purpose of the Americans with Disabilities Act is to protect individuals with both physical and mental issues from being discriminated against. The ADA also protects individuals with mental illness. While it’s not always talked about as much as maybe it should be, lawyers face a high risk of depression. When a lawyer with depression[…]

Steps to Take If You Receive a Letter from the State Bar Questioning Your Professional Conduct

Few things are scary in professional life than receiving a letter form the state bar that questions your professional conduct. It’s important to note that these letters don’t always come about because of an ethics complaint made against you by a current or former client. Sometimes, these state bar letters are triggered because a lawyer[…]