5 Legal Practice Management Insights to Reduce Your Ethics Risk

Legal practice management is an essential tool to reduce your risk of violating ethical safeguards put in place by the bar. As legal tech continues to improve, there are more options for lawyers that help them run a better practice while remaining in compliance. Here are 5 legal practice management insights that will help you[…]

8 Incredibly Useful Attorney Mental Health Tips

Becoming a lawyer is one of the most stressful professions. Attorney mental health is an important concept. Depression, anxiety, PTSD, bipolar disorder, and other mental health concerns can negatively impact a practice. If attorney mental health leads to a bar complaint, the Americans with Disabilities Act won’t protect you. It’s important that you take care[…]

Legal Ethics Issues: Career Recovery After Bar Discipline

One of the most common legal ethics issues is how a lawyer can recover their career after bar discipline. Bar discipline isn’t just a slap on the wrist and then you go on your merry way. It can have long-reaching consequences. Lawyers often end up facing the legal ethics committee more than once. Is it[…]

How an Accountability Partner Can Help You Run a Better Law Practice

Can an accountability partner really help a solo lawyer run a better law practice? Yes. The purpose of choosing an accountability partner for personal or professional reasons is so that you have someone to talk with about the things you know you need to do. Solo lawyers have a special burden placed upon them. Unlike[…]

Substance Abuse Recovery After Bar Discipline

Substance abuse is a serious issue that often causes lawyers to face the bar discipline process. The process is one of the most stressful experiences that a lawyer can go through. Sometimes, the added stress can cause a vicious cycle. This happens because when lawyers begin to abuse drugs or alcohol, it’s to help them[…]

The 8 Rules of IOLTA Accounts

IOLTA accounts are trust accounts managed by lawyers. It holds money that was received from the client for the purposes of funding their matter. Mismanagement of an IOLTA account is one of the most common ethical violations committed by lawyers. While every jurisdiction has its own rules that practicing lawyers should know and abide by,[…]

Ethics for Lawyers Report: Common Ethical Violations

Because stat bar disciplinary committees don’t always give out statistics on which ethics rules were violated the most in any given year, this particular post is based on Megan Zavieh’s professional experience as an attorney who helps lawyers with their disciplinary action defense strategies. The purpose of this post is educational in nature. The more[…]