Will Hiring an Ethics Lawyer Hurt Me?

Will Hiring an Ethics Lawyer Hurt Me? [LGE 119]

In two contexts, lawyers and bar applicants worry about hiring an ethics lawyer. In moral character applications, applicants are often concerned that having a lawyer involved makes it look like they are hiding something.  In discipline matters, lawyers express concern that hiring counsel makes them look like they committed misconduct.  In truth, having a lawyer’s[…]

Burning Questions on IOLTAs [LGE 118]

We’ve been scouring the internet to figure out what lawyers are asking about, and it turns out IOLTAs are a hot topic. In this episode, Megan answers some burning questions about IOLTAs, including: Can a firm have an IOLTA? Can a lawyer have more than one IOLTA? Can an IOLTA be used to send and[…]

File Destruction Policies [LGE 116]

Good policies and procedures make a law office run ethically, but file destruction is one where a lot of lawyers have questions.  How long should we keep files?  When does the time period begin to run?  How do I let my client know?  In this episode, Megan explores these questions and promotes some best practices.[…]

Reigniting Productivity in COVID-19 [LGE 113]

Even the United States Supreme Court has had to adapt to working remotely during COVID-19.  Still, long-term lockdown (plus further uncertainty with kids ending school and some businesses reopening) can really suck the productivity out of us.  In this episode, Megan explores some tips for getting back to business during these uncertain times.  Highlights include:[…]

The Ethics of Virtual Consultations [LGE 111]

Stemming from her popular post on Attorney at Work, Megan tackles the ethical considerations for attorneys handling consultations, particularly initial consultations, virtually.  Highlights include: – Ensuring video and phone communications are confidential – Careful sharing of client confidential documents – Conflicts checks – Terms of your consultations, and what clients can expect Resources Mentioned: Attorney[…]