Astroturfing to Technethics, the New Vocabulary of Ethics

This post was written by Megan Zavieh and originally published on on September 25, 2013. Ethics blogs and journalists spend a lot of time writing about new technology and how it impacts the world of legal ethics. All this writing spawned a new vocabulary. It can get very wordy to describe something without a name, particularly[…]

Using Social Media During Jury Trials

This post was written by Megan Zavieh and originally published on on September 2, 2014. Most of us only know enough about jury selection to figure out how to get bounced from a potential jury. Lawyers who work in jury selection, though, know its ins and outs and have a new tool to consider: social media.[…]

Minimize the Risk of an Ethics Complaint

This post was written by Megan Zavieh and originally published on on March 5, 2013. Some ethics complaints stem from the substantive practice of law — failing to research and argue well, failing to notify the court of an authority against your client, or other issues. Many ethics complaints, however, are at heart administrative[…]

Hiring Someone to Run Your Legal Marketing? Here’s What You Need to Know

This post was written by Megan Zavieh and originally published on on April 21, 2016. If you outsource your legal marketing to an agency, you must ensure it adheres to the rules governing legal advertising. Your Advertising Must Not Mislead While there are specific rules in each state governing legal advertising, the overarching principle[…]

Lawyerist Podcast: Ethically Problematic Marketing Strategies

Join Megan Zavieh and Tom Martin as they discuss ethically problematic marketing strategies and how Megan makes use of a chatbot during this Lawyerist podcast! The post Lawyerist Podcast: Ethically Problematic Marketing Strategies appeared first on Ethics and California State Bar defense lawyer Megan Zavieh. Powered by WPeMatico

Lawyers, Tech, & Ethical Compliance: What You Need to Know

Last week, Megan Zavieh was interviewed by Clio while attending the ABA TECHSHOW. You can watch the interview in its entirety by clicking here. Below, you can read Megan’s suggestions on lawyers, tech, and ethical compliance. If you have questions or if you need help with planning your defense, contact Zavieh Law. The infiltration of the[…]

Social Media Marketing for Lawyers: Can You Attract Potential Clients by Personalizing Your Social Media Profiles?

Social media marketing for lawyers is used to attract potential clients by providing them with interesting and helpful information. From explanations of basic legal concepts to discussing public cases in your jurisdiction, there’s a lot that you can do that falls within your jurisdictional guidelines for social media marketing. One current trend that you’ve likely[…]

Social Media for Lawyers: How to Prevent an Ethics Complaint

Social media is an excellent tool for lawyers when they’re working to settle or litigate matters for the best interest of their clients. However, it’s imperative that lawyers know, understand, and adhere to jurisdictional ethics related to how they obtain and use information they find on social media. Here are some key tips lawyers can[…]