Should Your Engagement Letter Include Agreed Upon Procedures?

Think about the engagement letters that your practice sends out. Do they include the agreed upon procedures? If not, they should. An engagement letter that includes agreed upon procedures can protect you form an ethical violation. While all lawyers and firms can benefit from changing their engagement letter to include specific tasks, a detailed letter[…]

Social Media Marketing for Lawyers: Can You Attract Potential Clients by Personalizing Your Social Media Profiles?

Social media marketing for lawyers is used to attract potential clients by providing them with interesting and helpful information. From explanations of basic legal concepts to discussing public cases in your jurisdiction, there’s a lot that you can do that falls within your jurisdictional guidelines for social media marketing. One current trend that you’ve likely[…]

Law Office Management: What Should Happen When an Attorney Leaves Your Firm?

Law office management is comprised of many factors. One of those factors is human resources. Hiring isn’t easy, but there’s a lot of information out there to help guide you through the process of hiring and onboarding a new attorney. There is a more difficult question that you must answer. What should happen when an[…]

How to Keep Better Client Notes

Client notes are an important part of any attorney-client relationship. The general concept of taking notes is that you’re documenting items such as the subjects of conversation, who you spoke with, the work you’ve completed related to the matter, and the work that must be completed. Keeping better client notes helps ensure that you’re in[…]

Virtual, Shared, or Private Office Space?

Lawyers are no longer relegated to private office space. Technology has given us the ability to work from a virtual office space or a shared office space. Lawyers can even work from multiple locations. Yet, have you ever wondered how choosing the right workspace affects your professional life? Each option has positive aspects and serious[…]