Stop Using Ethics Rules as a Crutch/What’s Really Holding You Back with Jess Birken [LGE069]

Jul 16, 2019 | Podcast

So often lawyers are afraid to try something new (or new to them), and they often cite the ethics rules as one of the reasons they cannot do whatever it is.  After reading Seth Godin’s recent blog post Fear of Kohlrabi, Jess Birken and Megan got into a discussion of what really hinders lawyers’ ability to try new things.

Megan and Jess cover a wide range of topics on this episode, all related to how lawyers allow themselves to be held back by fear.  Listen in for topics including:

– False blaming of external reasons for not taking chances on learning new things

– “New” does not necessarily mean cutting edge, but simply new to the person trying it

– A simple process for heading off fear to prevent it from controlling your actions

– How simple some of new skills can be to acquire

– How wonderful customer service is actually innovative (and dare say even new) in the legal profession

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