Fitness to Practice Law Being Questioned After You Relocate? Read These 5 Suggestions

Earlier this week, we shared information with you on ethical relocation as a lawyer. Even with the best intentions, mistakes are sometimes made. If you neglect something that the is required by the state bar in your new jurisdiction, you could receive a letter questioning your fitness to practice law. Getting that letter is a[…]

Pro Hac Vice California: Does It Solve the Ethical Relocation Dilemma?

If you’re a lawyer looking to relocate to California, you may be considering your options when it comes to bar admission. Does completing a pro hac vice for California solve the ethical relocation dilemma? Not necessarily. While you’re looking to relocate without taking another bar exam, pro hac vice for California won’t necessarily give you[…]

Lawyers, Tech, & Ethical Compliance: What You Need to Know

Last week, Megan Zavieh was interviewed by Clio while attending the ABA TECHSHOW. You can watch the interview in its entirety by clicking here. Below, you can read Megan’s suggestions on lawyers, tech, and ethical compliance. If you have questions or if you need help with planning your defense, contact Zavieh Law. The infiltration of the[…]

Ethics Complaint from the California Bar? Read This Before You Respond

If you’ve received an ethics complaint from the California Bar, take heart. You’re certainly not alone. The California Bar releases an annual discipline report generally in April of each year. On the day this post was written, the most recent annual discipline report was released on April 30, 2017 and covered 2016. During 2016, the[…]

The 8 Rules of IOLTA Accounts

IOLTA accounts are trust accounts managed by lawyers. It holds money that was received from the client for the purposes of funding their matter. Mismanagement of an IOLTA account is one of the most common ethical violations committed by lawyers. While every jurisdiction has its own rules that practicing lawyers should know and abide by,[…]

Ethics for Lawyers Report: Common Ethical Violations

Because stat bar disciplinary committees don’t always give out statistics on which ethics rules were violated the most in any given year, this particular post is based on Megan Zavieh’s professional experience as an attorney who helps lawyers with their disciplinary action defense strategies. The purpose of this post is educational in nature. The more[…]

Social Media for Lawyers: How to Prevent an Ethics Complaint

Social media is an excellent tool for lawyers when they’re working to settle or litigate matters for the best interest of their clients. However, it’s imperative that lawyers know, understand, and adhere to jurisdictional ethics related to how they obtain and use information they find on social media. Here are some key tips lawyers can[…]

Lawyers, the Americans with Disabilities Act Will Not Protect You from Bar Discipline

The purpose of the Americans with Disabilities Act is to protect individuals with both physical and mental issues from being discriminated against. The ADA also protects individuals with mental illness. While it’s not always talked about as much as maybe it should be, lawyers face a high risk of depression. When a lawyer with depression[…]

Virtual, Shared, or Private Office Space?

Lawyers are no longer relegated to private office space. Technology has given us the ability to work from a virtual office space or a shared office space. Lawyers can even work from multiple locations. Yet, have you ever wondered how choosing the right workspace affects your professional life? Each option has positive aspects and serious[…]

Simple Changes Lawyers Can Make in 2018 to Try to Avoid an Ethics Complaint

Let’s talk about a practical New Year’s resolution all lawyers should consider making: doing what they can to avoid an ethics complaint. At Zavieh Law, we’re devoted to helping lawyers defend themselves when they’re being investigated because of an ethics complaint. However, we understand the stress that lawyers face under those circumstances. That’s why we[…]