4 Tips for Law Students to Get Through the California Moral Character Application Process

All law students must complete the California moral character application process. Generally, the process begins during the third year of law school. Unless the process is successfully completed, you will not be able to sit for the bar. The purpose of the moral character application process is to determine if you are an individual of good moral character. […]

online privacy and privileged communication

Government Spying on Privileged Communications

This post was written by Megan Zavieh and originally published on Lawyerist.com on June 12, 2013. With the revealed intel that the U.S. government collected phone and internet usage information from millions of Americans for years, what steps must attorneys take to safeguard the attorney-client privilege?   News reports broke the story that the government exercised[…]

Bar Application and Past Arrests: What Law Students Need to Know

It’s the time of year when law students complete the required steps to file their moral character application. Generally, the six-month processing time places the student to right about the same time that they receive their bar exam results. Yet, what about the bar application and past arrests? Past arrests won’t necessarily stop law students[…]

Law Students: 5 Things You Need to Know Now to Protect Your Future Law Practice

Law students have a lot to worry about: passing mid-terms and finals, writing competitions, law review journal, preparing for the moral character application, and preparing for the bar. Then, there are on-campus interviews, summer internships, and trying to maintain some semblance of a life. Law school isn’t easy. While there are classes and books that[…]

California Moral Character Application Process: What Happens If an Applicant Is Flagged?

It’s that time of year again for law students: time to complete their California moral character application. Generally, the California moral character application process takes around six months. That means most law students will complete the process around the time that July bar exam results are released. Yet, if an applicant is flagged, the process[…]

Our Top 10 Posts of 2018

Here at Zavieh Law, we had a fantastic 2018. We hope you did, too! As we’re dipping our toes into 2019, we thought we’d provide you with our top 10 posts of 2018. These posts are some you definitely do NOT want to miss! Get Admitted to the Bar Despite Your Past Our number one[…]

Fitness to Practice: Law Students, Mental Health, and the Moral Character & Fitness Examination

According to a recent article published by Margaret Hannon, many law students delay or avoid getting mental health treatment out of fear that they’ll have to disclose their diagnosis, treatment, or counseling to the bar examiner; and that doing so could mean that that their fitness to practice will be denied. Recently, Megan sat down[…]