Authenticity as a Social Media Marketing Strategy

Originally published on  “Just be yourself.” That’s advice we have all heard at some point in our lives, but it’s advice that can be painfully difficult to follow in our professional lives. Being authentic as a person is to be true, genuine, and not constructed to create an image that is a false representation of[…]

Office Management for Lawyers: The Basics

Law school educated you on the law, how to analyze the law, how to argue your point, and how to think like a lawyer. Sure, there were some classes, lectures, or guest speakers who spoke about running a law office. Yet, not everyone comes out of law school with the idea of hanging out their[…]

Social Media for Lawyers: Protect Your Reputation and Your Practice

Social media for lawyers can be a slippery slope. You want to get in front of your target audience and engage with them, but you also don’t want to run afoul of the ethical rules in your jurisdiction and put your practice at risk. If you’re looking for up-to-date information for using social media as[…]

Getting Started with Digital Products as a Lawyer

Recently, Megan Zavieh and Jess Birken sat down with Jared Correia to discuss how lawyers can get started with digital products. You can listen to this particular episode of On the Road by clicking here. This post highlights the main points. What Is Productizing? Productizing means that you’re using a digital information product to scale[…]

5 Tactics Solo Lawyers Can Use to Stand Out

Potential clients have a lot of choice now when it comes to choosing a lawyer. So, how can solo lawyers stand out? In this post, we’re going to look at 5 ways that you can use legal ethics to stand out and make a better (and perhaps more profitable) career as a solo lawyer. Consider[…]