California moral character application process

How to Manage the California Moral Character Application Process (When You’re Terrified)

Before you complete law school and can be admitted to the bar, you must first successfully complete the California moral character application process. For some law school students, the process is straightforward. They file their moral character application, go about their usual business during the six-month processing time, get their July bar exam results, get[…]

Bar Application and Past Arrests: What Law Students Need to Know

It’s the time of year when law students complete the required steps to file their moral character application. Generally, the six-month processing time places the student to right about the same time that they receive their bar exam results. Yet, what about the bar application and past arrests? Past arrests won’t necessarily stop law students[…]

Law Students: 5 Things You Need to Know Now to Protect Your Future Law Practice

Law students have a lot to worry about: passing mid-terms and finals, writing competitions, law review journal, preparing for the moral character application, and preparing for the bar. Then, there are on-campus interviews, summer internships, and trying to maintain some semblance of a life. Law school isn’t easy. While there are classes and books that[…]

California Moral Character Application Process: What Happens If an Applicant Is Flagged?

It’s that time of year again for law students: time to complete their California moral character application. Generally, the California moral character application process takes around six months. That means most law students will complete the process around the time that July bar exam results are released. Yet, if an applicant is flagged, the process[…]