Improve Your Work Life Balance for Better Productivity and Less Stress

Becoming more productive is the current ideal standard of business. Do more…and do it faster. Oh, and since you’re productive and efficient, make sure you add more to your plate. Burnout is such a serious issue, that the World Health Organization recently declared that it is, indeed, an “occupational phenomenon.” Burnout is something everyone in[…]

Frequently Asked Questions: Defending a Lawyer from an Ethics Complaint

Defending a lawyer from an ethics complaint is similar to many other areas of law because the exact defenses that should be asserted depend primarily on the facts surrounding the allegation or allegations. With that being said, there are some questions we receive on a regular basis about the process that may be answered at[…]

Fee Agreements for a Small Law Firm: What Lawyers Need to Know

Stepping out and starting a small law firm is both exhilarating and terrifying. Regardless of whether you’re leaving BigLaw or you’ve decided to take the leap and open your own practice as soon as you pass the bar, you must understand more than the law. You must also understand the basics involved in running a[…]

Office Management for Lawyers: The Basics

Law school educated you on the law, how to analyze the law, how to argue your point, and how to think like a lawyer. Sure, there were some classes, lectures, or guest speakers who spoke about running a law office. Yet, not everyone comes out of law school with the idea of hanging out their[…]

How Law Office Technology May Help Lawyers Avoid an Ethics Complaint

Case management systems, practice management apps, cloud storage, and automation practices are examples of commonly used law office technology. When properly used, law office technology can do more than help improve the efficiency of your practice. It may also help you avoid an ethics complaint. In this post, you’ll learn about four ways the right[…]

Update: State Bar of California Fingerprinting Requirement

California Rule of Court Rule 9.9.5 states that all active California lawyers must be refingerprinted by the State Bar of California no later than April 30, 2019. Failure to do so may result in changing your status to involuntarily inactive. Currently, the State Bar of California fingerprinting requirement is in stage two of six. Stage[…]

Essential Law Firm Billing Best Practices (Regardless of Firm Size)

  How lawyers bill their time undergoes a lot of scrutiny from clients. So, it’s probably no surprise that billing (improper or the lack of it) can create fertile ground for a bar complaint getting filed. In this post, we’re going to give you some essential law firm billing best practices. Our hope is that[…]

Starting a Small Law Firm: Where Should You Office?

Starting a small law firm comes with a lot of challenges. Yet, it’s also extremely rewarding. There are a lot of resources available to lawyers who are interested in starting a small law firm. Those resources guide lawyers through the mechanics of opening and running the business. In this post, we’re going to look at[…]

Solo Law Practice Tip: Know Who Your Client REALLY Is

We have a great solo law practice tip for you today. This tip is important because as a lawyer, you have an ethical obligation to follow the directions of your client. To help you fulfill your obligation, we’re going to outline actual arrangements where the client may actually be different from who you think it[…]

Getting Started with Digital Products as a Lawyer

Recently, Megan Zavieh and Jess Birken sat down with Jared Correia to discuss how lawyers can get started with digital products. You can listen to this particular episode of On the Road by clicking here. This post highlights the main points. What Is Productizing? Productizing means that you’re using a digital information product to scale[…]