March 23, 2017

Ethics Advisor Program


Plans meant for Solo and Small Firms (up to 3 lawyers).  Not a Solo/Small?  Contact us for Law Firm pricing.

Monthly subscription service that gives you access to your personal ethics lawyer.

What’s included?

  • Annual Review of 1 Fee Agreement
  • Probation Compliance Service
  • Quick calls with Megan on new issues – all subscribers have premium access to her calendar, and Platinum subscribers can schedule calls for same day service
  • Document review – in addition to the fee agreement review, Gold and Platinum subscribers can upload more documents (other than fee agreements) for Megan’s review
  • Discount on flat fee services – Gold and Platinum subscribers receive a discount on additional services (whether hourly or flat fee)
  • Platinum subscribers can send unlimited emails to Megan on new issues

Daily practice of law is full of ethical questions, many of which you are likely answering for yourself without even thinking.

  • “Do I need to send a copy of this letter to the court to opposing counsel?”
  • “Do I need to tell my client today (and not tomorrow) that we received an offer of settlement?”
  • “Does this check go into my trust or operating account?”

However, sometimes the ethics issues stump even the most adept lawyers. What then?

Examples of when this service has proven useful for actual clients:

  • Adverse party had left valuable personal property in lawyer’s office and refused to retrieve it, demanding instead a specific (and costly) form of delivery of the property. Zavieh Law advised on lawyer’s proper handling of the property.
  • Opposing counsel demanded lawsuit be dismissed due to purported evidence destroying facts underlying the case. Lawyer sought advice on ethical issues of continuing the litigation while questioning authenticity of the evidence.
  • In extremely contentious litigation, attorney and opposing counsel had repeated run-ins, including unending allegations of ethical misconduct. Zavieh Law advised on an ongoing basis.