Hear From My Clients, In Their Own Words

Outstanding attorney! Can’t say enough good things about her.

Before I heard about Megan, I contacted a couple of her colleagues at other firms, who were rude, terribly overpriced, and who made recommendations that would have made my already-stressful situation much worse. I’m so glad I kept looking and found Megan. She was kind, professional, reasonably priced, and got me a fantastic result without any of the hassle and expense her competitors were recommending.

The other attorneys made my scary situation even scarier, but Megan did the opposite. Instead of using her knowledge of the playing field to try to scare me into over-paying, she used her experience to help de-mystify the path ahead, taking the stress out. If you’re on the fence, go with Megan.

Admissions Client, Prefers to Remain Anonymous

What I liked most was the personal responsiveness, thorough review of case files and excellent writing skills.

James C, Attorney Discipline Client

Megan is very responsive and understanding of firm needs.

Anonymous Long-Term Consulting Client

All positive – Nothing but positive to say.

Jason Gaudy – Gaudy Law Inc.

Megan is a highly professional attorney with tremendous energy.

Her can-do attitude and great mind allow her to find unique solutions to complicated problems. She is easy going and a pleasure to work with. Megan is wise beyond her years with solid experience and exudes confidence in her work.

Eugenia Frenzel, Senior Pricing & LPM Manager, Steptoe & Johnson LLP

Megan is a highly competent state bar defense attorney.

She has been an outstanding advocate for a mutual client, getting the results we need. She is responsive, quickly returning emails or phone message.

Clarence Chan, Law Office of Clarence K. Chan

Megan’s knowledge and attention to detail. I also felt that she worked with me as a partner and listened to my thoughts and ideas during the process.

Anonymous discipline defense client

Highly recommend.

I hired Megan when I received a State Bar Complaint. (Yes, this can happen to good attorneys who practice ethically as well). Throughout the process, she was very professional, insightful, knowledgeable, responsive, and hard working. At the end of the process, I was happy to volunteer to pay her more than her invoiced amount. (She is worth more than her hourly). And, the State Bar did not take any action on me.

Jonah Chew, Law Offices of Jonah Chew

Megan was quick to reply and efficient with handling my case.  She was professional and offered me immediate help at a very reasonable price.

Anonymous admissions client

Megan’s quick response time to inquiries, her direct, honest and unfiltered advice, which was always solid, and her professionalism and wisdom throughout the process.

Anonymous discipline defense client

You were kind, understanding and reassuring even while I was racked with guilt.

Anonymous discipline defense client

I think every attorney should have someone like Megan on as his or her personal ethics hotline.  I’ve used Megan’s services this way for about a year.  Before that, as ethics issues arose, I would spin my wheels researching but still wind up not knowing how big the problem is or how best to address it.  The state bar ethics hotline would direct me to bar opinions but would not give advice about what to do under the specific circumstances.  With Megan, I call her up, explain the situation, and get expert advice, usually on the spot.  The time saved, as well as peace of mind, cannot be underestimated.

Scott, attorney in San Francisco

Megan understood the stress of the situation and her knowledge and expertise alone was calming. She was also personable and relatable. She was thorough and quick. I highly recommend her to anyone who has a bar complaint or related issue. Thank you Megan!

Self-Represented Attorney Discipline Client

I appreciated the attention to detail and the concern that my attorney displayed for me and my case.

She was a true advocate on my behalf and ensured that I received the best representation and best results for the resolution of my matter.

Prefer to Remain Anonymous, California Attorney Client

Kept Me Calm – Couldn’t have done it without you, thank you for keeping me calm.

PJ, Former Client

You are amazing!

Renee Kennedy, Attorney at Law

Outstanding, amazing and very knowledgeable.

Abe Tang, Law Offices of Abraham H. Tang

I can attest to Megan’s skill and professionalism, as I consulted with her recently regarding a friend who was facing some bar admission issues.

Victoria Ortiz, Former Dean of Students, School of Law, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

Outstanding. I received the best possible result. No question about it.

Walter Huff, Law Office of Walter R. Huff & Associates

Knowledgeable, professional, excellent ethics attorney.  I cannot speak highly enough of Ms. Zavieh.

She offers a wealth of knowledge about legal ethics, but what really sets her apart is her professionalism, attention to detail, efficiency and obvious passion for her work. Too many attorneys give the profession a bad name. Ms. Zavieh is the epitome of what every attorney should strive to be.

Prefer to Remain Anonymous, California Lawyer Client

Megan provided “prompt and thoughtful responses” to my questions.

Anonymous discipline defense client

She is smart, competent, more importantly kind and humble. She is simply the best. She did an excellent job for me. I am an attorney too. I would recommend her to anyone.

Sean, California Solo Lawyer Client

I had a previous attorney and I am so happy I changed to Megan Zavieh. Megan Zavieh was extremely efficient and competent. She is very knowledgeable of the ins and out of CA bar admission process and she has really good instincts. She was so fast at analyzing my case and coming up with strategies. She was instrumental in increasing my confidence when it came time to meet with sub committee of Bar Examiners. She also cared about the results of the process which was so helpful because I didn’t feel alone against the big administrative machine. I could not have done this without her. Recommend very highly.

Aline, Admissions Client

I felt that the documents I provided were carefully reviewed in giving advice on my case. I felt that the level of analysis was very high.

Cruz Saavedra, discipline defense client

I hired Megan to defend me from politically motivated State Bar charges that had no merit.  I was frightened and worried because I had antagonized powerful people in my defense of my clients, and they were using their influence at the State Bar to threaten my livelihood.  Megan took the case, and acted aggressively in my defense – she is exactly the type of defense lawyer that I try to be for my clients.  She is skilled and knowledgeable, and the prosecutor was no match for her.  She put my mind at ease and gave me confidence in our defense.  I recommend her on the highest terms to any attorney who needs a State Bar defense.

Anthony P. Raimondo