Probation appears deceptively simple.

That doesn’t mean it’s easy.

It may feel like the hard work is behind you, but technical probation violations can be a disaster.

Good lawyers advise their clients to retain professional help for technical compliance issues in all fields, because any issue of technical compliance can be a minefield. While not every misstep will blow up, you never know when a simple error will explode. Perfect probation compliance is hard.


Did you know that missing a filing on probation can send you right back to State Bar Court?

Rule of Procedure 5.310 gives the Probation Department the ability to send your case back to Bar Court for an expedited proceeding.  Your probation can be revoked and any stayed suspension can quickly be made into an actual suspension.

Need help getting your reports done consistently and on time?

Save Time, Reduce Stress and Get Back to Work

State Bar of California Probation Deadlines are the 10th of January, April, July, and October.

Get help with the ins and outs of probation compliance.  Spend less time on forms and details so you can stay out of Bar Court and do what you do best — practice law.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have an expert guiding you?