March 23, 2017

Moral Character Application Review

Moral Character Application Review

Don’t let issues from your past come back to haunt you when you apply for admission to the State Bar.

The smallest youthful indiscretion can derail your moral character application and cost you valuable time if you do not handle it well in the initial application.  Arrests, DUIs, guilty pleas (even when expunged), accusations of academic dishonesty, unpaid debts, and countless other issues can lead the moral character committee to hold up your application and prevent your admission.

The rest of your class may be admitted to practice and employed in law firms while you wait for the moral character committee to convene a hearing, and you may even have to appeal a negative determination in court.  A moral character trial can mean your application is delayed well over a year.

For more information on the moral character application process, click here for a detailed blog post on the topic.

Many applicants encounter obstacles in the course of getting approved. If you need assistance putting together your initial application, responding to inquiries from the moral character committee, or appealing a negative determination, I can help.

I offer review of your application for a flat fee of $750.

This service is best for students who need help navigating the initial application process, including how to explain past mistakes and demonstrate good moral character today.

Retain me through my online process today and schedule a call to discuss your application.

This service includes a complete review of the entire MCA including notes on any narratives that need to be drafted/revised.  This flat fee service also includes an initial call with Megan to go through the issues.  If there are any questions, you and Megan will discuss through emails/calls.  Megan will also advise you on any documents you will need to include.  Megan will help you get the MCA package completely ready to go.

If you have a more complex situation requiring appeal of a negative determination, request for supplemental information after your initial filing, or another service related to your moral character application, please schedule a consultation so we can discuss your situation in detail.