California State Bar Complaints

I provide flat fee representation to attorneys facing disciplinary action by the California State Bar.

Approximately 95%* of Bar complaints that get prosecuted lead to actual discipline.  The best opportunity to avoid charges is when you are responding to a State Bar complaint. Megan focuses her practice on handling State Bar investigations on behalf of California lawyers, with the goal always being to get the investigation closed before without charges being filed.

While this may be the first time you are receiving a letter from the Bar, Megan sees them everyday and responds to them routinely.

If your client asked you for advice on a subject beyond your area of expertise, you would refer them to an expert. Treat your own matter the same.


What Does It Cost?

Knowing up front what your Bar defense will cost reduces anxiety and uncertainty. It also makes it possible to strategize resolution of your case with finances in mind.  This is why Megan charges flat fees for State Bar defense.

Investigation Response

An investigation response, which covers the period from from receipt of a State Bar letter opening an investigation, through complete responses and any follow up (including negotiation as needed), until the State Bar gives notice that the file will be closed or charges will be filed, the flat fee is typically


Megan offers a limited number of partial fee grants each year to clients suffering hardships. Please email us for a link to our application form. Requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and grants are awarded in varying amounts depending upon the circumstances. Applicants who may qualify include United States military veterans, individuals suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, and clients suffering from debilitating diagnosed clinical depression.

Every matter begins with a consultation.  Schedule one here.


I loved EVERYTHING about the stellar legal representation Megan provided. She manifested and provided a very steady and supportive hand throughout. Megan showed her exceptional experience navigating me through what seemed at times later a minefield.  The result she achieved was all I could ask for and then some. I’m very fortunate to have had Megan’s top notch advocacy.

– Harvey P.

Ms. Zavieh was incredibly helpful, responsive and effective during one of the most difficult times in my life.

–  Anonymous

I hired Megan when I received a State Bar Complaint. (Yes, this can happen to good attorneys who practice ethically as well). Throughout the process, she was very professional, insightful, knowledgeable, responsive, and hard working. At the end of the process, I was happy to volunteer to pay her more than her invoiced amount. (She is worth more than her hourly). And, the State Bar did not take any action on me.

– Jonah Chew