March 23, 2017


Probation Compliance

If your State Bar Court case has concluded and you are on probation, it is critical not to fall out of compliance. If you are late with a quarterly report or miss a deadline that is a condition of your probation, you can never be in compliance. One late mark and you are forever out of compliance, no matter what forgiveness you may receive from the Office of Probation or State Bar Court. Being out of compliance can lead to sanctions that exceed your original punishment – even disbarment.

I can help keep you on track for the duration of your probation period. The offer is simple. Send me your Supreme Court order of discipline and your quarterly probation compliance form. I prepare for you a complete schedule of your probation compliance obligations, including registration information for your course requirements (such as ethics or trust accounting school), testing (MPRE), or other programs required by probation; I assist with interacting with former clients for restitution matters; and I guide you on handling the probation department as needed.  Each quarter, I will send you a simple online questionnaire for you to complete and submit to me. I will prepare your probation compliance form and provide it to you in electronic form to sign and submit.



(includes all reports due within 12 months of enrollment, including final report if applicable)

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