Facing Disbarment in California? Tips from Statebarplaybook.com

Apr 3, 2018 | Blog, California State Bar Defense, Disbarment, Disciplinary Hearings, State Bar Defense

Disbarment is the most serious consequence of a legal ethics investigation. If you’re facing disbarment in California, you should visit the State Bar Playbook website to access an interactive guide that walks you through the process from the investigative stage all the way through the appeals process. You’ll also find examples of responses, court filings, and a message board for lawyers who plan to represent themselves. Here are 4 tips to help lawyers facing disbarment in California.

If You’re Facing Disbarment, Consider Getting an Attorney

If you’re disbarred, you can no longer practice law. You will have to report the findings and consequences to any jurisdiction to which you are admitted. That, in turn, can trigger more consequences. If you’re facing disbarment, you should consider getting an attorney to represent your best interest. You are fighting for your career.

Keep Your Emotions Under Control

Facing disbarment in California is emotional for most lawyers. It can be hard to properly evaluate the allegations made against you when you’re emotional. You must be objective about what you’re feeling. You know how your clients may act out of character when they’re upset. It happens to lawyers as well. Your response should not include an angry tone. It should not attack the complaining witness. The tone (or lack thereof) of your response will partially determine its effectiveness.

Because it can be difficult to keep your emotions under control, hiring a lawyer to represent you during the disbarment proceeding can be quite helpful. It can even help relieve some of the stress that you’re experiencing.

Your Previous History of Discipline Will Be Considered

If this isn’t your first time dealing with the California bar, you’re going to need legal help. The bar will not be as open to the idea of working with you or negotiating with you. Consequences for lawyers who’ve been in front of the state bar more than once are generally more severe.

Even if it is your first bar complaint, you must consider the fact that you’re facing disbarment. Because of this, you must use all of the resources you can. Check out State Bar Playbook to learn more and make an appointment with Zavieh Law.

The Identity of the Complainant Make a Difference

With a possibility of disbarment, the state bar has reason to believe that the public was harmed. When it comes to the investigation, the identity of the complainant makes a difference. If a sitting judge files a complaint against you, that’s going to be handled more aggressively than a previous client with a history of crimes of dishonesty. However, the identity of the complaining witness isn’t the only consideration. Your entire defense should not rely solely on who filed the complaint.

Access State Bar Playbook Now

State Bar Playbook is offered by Megan Zavieh. It’s an online, interactive guide for lawyers who plan to represent themselves during the discipline process. You’ll find the detailed original text for the process as well as detailed explanations, sample filings, and a community that shares its experience in dealing with the process.