Self Represented in State Bar Court? I Can Help.



There are several ways I can help support you as you face the State Bar.


Consultation/Limited Scope Representation

Being self represented in State Bar Court, does not mean you do have to be entirely alone.  I can help.  One way is to consult with you throughout the disciplinary process. Contrary to the maxim that representing yourself is having a fool for a client, I believe that sometimes, self-representation is both doable and logical. For financial reasons, it is often the only option.  I provide the support you need to effectively represent yourself before the State Bar and State Bar Court.

I am not emotionally involved in your case, which is a tremendous advantage to working together. State Bar investigations put attorneys on the defensive. As a matter goes on, it only gets more emotional. It is very difficult to handle such your own matter effectively and in a timely fashion. I view your case from a neutral perspective and help you craft a strategic defense. When you are tempted to bury the matter on your desk, I will not let you fall behind.

For this service, you can choose pre-trial or trial support.

  • Pre-trial support includes consulting services from the time of filing of the Notice of Disciplinary Charges through the mandatory pre-trial settlement conference. This includes discovery.  If you are in this phase of the case, Pre-Trial Support is the package you need.
  • If your case is proceeding to trial, I provide consulting services from the conclusion of the mandatory settlement conference through the submission by the Hearing Department of its recommendation on discipline. This means I assist you in preparing your pre-trial statement, your trial exhibits, your witnesses and own testimony, and your post-trial brief. If your case is on track to trial and you have already had the settlement conference, you need the Trial Support package.


Pre-Trial Support


Trial Support


Also available –  The Playbook: The California Bar System Practice Guide is an online platform containing a comprehensive interactive text, videos, sample filings and an online community for self-represented attorneys to educate and defend themselves before the State Bar. The Playbook is offered outside of the services of Zavieh Law and is available on its own membership website.