New Ethics Guidance & Supervising Remote Lawyers [LGE 115]

Jun 2, 2020 | Podcast

As teams disperse to remote work environments, the lawyer’s duty to supervise takes on new wrinkles. Pennsylvania issued an ethics opinion to help guide us; it brings together past ethics opinions and adds details for today’s new world. Kristin Tyler of LawClerk knows plenty about working remotely and supervising remote teams, since the business model relies upon a decentralized workforce. She joins Megan to talk about Pennsylvania’s opinion and key issues for remote teams.  Topics include:

– Making sure remote workers abide by confidentiality duties

– Asking your remote team questions you would normally not, such as the identity of roommates, the physical setup at home, and their network password security

– Moving ahead, how law firm work will change

– Civility in the profession, today and as we go forward

For the Pennsylvania opinion, go to

Guest Info:

LawClerk website

LawClerk on Twitter

Kristin on Twitter

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