Lawyers and Wellness: Beyond the Usual Discussion with Jennifer Longtin [LGE053]

Mar 26, 2019 | Podcast

Do you take time to work on your own wellness? Wellness has gotten a lot more attention in recent years within our profession, which is good. Wellness activities can be group runs, yoga classes, and maybe even workshop sessions talking about wellness. 

Jennifer Longtin is a criminal defense attorney in Denver, Colorado that specializes in mental health-related criminal defense. She owns a firm called JLongtin Law, and her practice tries to address community issues and access to justice, as well as providing great compassionate criminal defense for their clients. Jen brings a unique perspective as she also represents people who are suffering from ailments that relate back to wellness. Her attorneys in her office and herself are dealing with this stress and it goes beyond what some of us do as many issues come from wellness such as high addiction rates, suicide rates, depression rates, and divorce rates. Tune in today and hear how we can think outside the box with strategies to help with wellness.


Show Highlights:

  • The spectrum of mental wellness
  • The types of law that takes on other people’s problems
  • Special victims prosecutors and how hard their job is
  • Having walls up in your head to block out certain parts of your day
  • Serious mental illnesses, and helping the clients get into structured programs
  • Supporting each other
  • What we can do with the next generation                                                                  
  • It is okay to take a day to yourself if you need it
  • Out of the box strategies to help with wellness


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