Intake Methods to Ensure Your Clients are the Best Fit for Your Practice [LGE 052]

Mar 19, 2019 | Podcast

Have you felt the pressure to take on a client that you knew might not be a good fit for you? There are many consequences if you take on these clients because of the pressure to pay the bills. 

Today we will learn how to avoid clients that are maybe just not the best ones for your practice. If there are red flags that come up as you are bringing clients into the firm, then it is time to take action. It is easier to turn them away at the beginning than it is to terminate the relationship down the line. Join us today as we learn what actions you can take and systems to put in place to avoid taking on the wrong clients. 


Show Highlights:


  • Crazy story that came out about a Michigan lawyer
  • What fits for your firm, ideal clients are different for everyone
  • Potential consequences for taking on the wrong clients
  • Putting a system into place to analyze incoming work
  • First question as you put together the system – what issues have you had in the past with the clients that have gone bad?
  • The issue of the source, such as referrals
  • Ask others in your practice area what they think the risk factors are
  • Other questions to ask on the intake forms to filter out bad clients
  • It’s important to have in your system what you do not want to take on even if for a personal reason
  • Have your analysis ready before the clients come in.
  • Not wanting the case? You need to be clear with yourself and your position.
  • Referring the client to someone else
  • Solutions to defuse any frustration with clients


Hoping this podcast stirs up some more discussion, thank you for listening!

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