How to Manage the Things that Can Go Wrong (and Right!) During Trial [LGE 045]

Jan 22, 2019 | Podcast

I recorded this episode while I was in the middle of a trial. I noticed that while we cover a lot of ethics-related topics on this show, all of the topics, like self-care and crossing ethical boundaries, become extremely apparent when you’re in trial. That’s why I’m sharing my insight on the good, the bad, and the ugly parts of trial and how you can get through them.

What I Cover in This Episode:

  • Civility in trial and how that is tested during trial
  • The way that the attorneys behave during trial can be of utmost importance to many judges
  • The types of behaviors between opposing counsel that would qualify as “unprofessional”
  • Why it’s important to keep your word when it comes to trial exhibits and witness lists
  • Don’t bother with baseless objections. They waste everyone’s time
  • How can you maintain self-care during trial?
  • Continue to check your email, even during trial, because people expect to hear from you
  • Set expectations with an email Out of Office responder
  • Make sure your phone is being answered while you’re in trial
  • Why it’s important to manage your stress levels during trial by taking time for yourself (even though it’s hard)
  • Always remember to have fun and enjoy the process

Send me your favorite tips to care for yourself during trial!

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