How to Delegate Effectively with Lori Gonzalez [LGE 026]

Aug 28, 2018 | Podcast

You’re a busy lawyer and some days make you wish you could multiply yourself. Well, until that day comes, you must learn to delegate. But where should you begin? What factors are important when it comes to delegation, and what are the potential challenges and benefits of delegation?

I’m joined by Lori Gonzalez is the President and Founder of the RayNa Corporation, outsourced administrative and back office support for lawyers. Lori and I discuss the reason why many lawyers find delegating tasks so difficult, and how to overcome these challenges to effectively delegate certain tasks.

What We Discuss in This Episode:

  • It’s true that no one else can do what you do, but you must realize what areas you bring the most value to
  • What are some of the barriers lawyers place between themselves and effectively delegating?
  • Readjusting the notion that perfection is required. It’s not!
  • Human error happens every day, all day long, and none of us are immune from that
  • Your system should allow for mistakes, it’s really setting up the process to find mistakes, not necessarily not making them
  • What danger do we face for hoarding tasks and not delegating?
  • What type of relief and freedom results from delegating?
  • Where to begin with delegation?
  • After you figure out what tasks should be delegated, you have to figure out what systems to put in place to do those well.
  • What tools are available?
  • The importance of establishing systems before you begin delegating

Resources Mentioned:

Clio Legal Trends Report

CaseMail – digital mailing service


Outsource Easier – Dina Eisenberg

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