How to Create Compelling Marketing Content, Ethically with Nick Rishwain [LGE 021]

Jul 17, 2018 | Podcast

Content marketing presents a great opportunity for lawyers who wish to increase their visibility online and grow their practices. Through blogging and video creation, lawyers can begin to establish genuine relationships with potential clients online. But, of course, there’s always that fear of crossing ethical rules. That’s what my guest and I discuss in this episode.

I’m joined by Nick Rishwain, Vice President of Client Relations and Business Development for, an online marketing platform for expert witnesses and consultants, and we’re tackling the topic of creating compelling content ethically.

What We Discuss in This Episode:

  • Lawyers have to create content ? it’s no longer merely a “consideration,” it has to be done
  • Your customers/clients are not reading law journals or academic journals so make sure you’re creating content on platforms where your audience and clients are
  • Common objections that lawyers have when it comes to creating content
  • Why it’s not necessarily the best strategy to load your blog posts with law firm-specific SEO keywords if you actually want them to be readable
  • What is newsjacking and how can you use it to generate ideas for content you can create?
  • When creating content about current events, you want to make sure you don’t appear to be ambulance-chasing
  • Is there room for more educational-type of content as opposed to more marketing-driven type of content
  • What type of Call-To-Action can go along with your content?
  • Why you shouldn’t worry about “giving away all of your secrets” when you’re creating content
  • How you can be using videos to reach out to potential clients
  • Why any type of videos, including Facebook Live and Instagram Stories, are helpful in familiarizing potential clients with you
  • For how long should you retain copies of your communications?

Resources Mentioned:

Mitch Jackson – Southern California personal injury lawyer

Morris Lilienthal – Tips from Mo show

Jim Hacking – Hacking Law Practice

Allyson Kacmarski – Instagram videos

Nicole Abboud – 3 Tips for Creating Effective, Ethical Videos

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