Welcome and What To Do If You Receive a Bar Complaint [LGE 001]

Feb 23, 2018 | Podcast

In my first episode, I start off with a short introduction of who I am. I am an ethics attorney practicing primarily in California, and in short, I save lawyers’ careers.

I also wanted to make my first episode useful and practical for you so I’m tackling a critical topic that I deal with frequently and that is: what should you do if you receive a bar complaint?

What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

  • Why the first thing to do when you receive a bar complaint is to not panic and just read the letter several times
  • Calendar the date by which you need to respond
  • Then analyze the underlying events and facts
  • How you can protect yourself against a complaint by a client without waiving attorney-client confidentiality (and when is it ok to break privilege?)
  • Where you can do some research to better understand the potential consequences
  • Should you respond on your own or seek help?
  • If you’re going to respond and defend yourself, what should you include in your response?

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