Building a Niche Law Practice with Lyndosha Jamison [LGE 126]

Sep 1, 2020 | Podcast

A niche, or narrow, law practice might sound risky, but it’s actually a fantastic way to build a rewarding practice.  Lyndosha Jamison has created a niche for herself that is exciting professionally and financially successful.  Join Megan as she interviews Lyndosha to learn how.

Lyndosha Jamison and Megan presented at ABA TECHSHOW in Chicago in February 2020 on the topic of building a niche law practice.  The session was so popular it spawned a repeat performance for the ABA’s Best of Techshow series, and there is even an upcoming book in the works.  Megan and Lyndosha talk in this episode about the practice Lyndosha built and niche practices generally, dispelling myths stoking the fear of specializing.

Guest Info:
Lyndosha Jamison’s Website

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