The team at ZaviehLaw is fully operational during the pandemic. We have extended our consultation hours and continue to publish our regular content. We are here to assist as needed, so please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

As with everything else, the attorney discipline and attorney admissions processes are in flux as we all navigate COVID-19. Below you will find the latest announcements from the State Bar of California and the State Bar Court.

In short, the State Bar of California is operating remotely, so applications for admission are being processed and discipline investigations are being opened and pursued. The State Bar Court had abated many cases, but those are now being lifted and cases are continuing.  Court conferences are being held on Zoom, and there are indications that trials may soon commence on Zoom as well.

The State Bar Court is permitting electronic signatures on filed documents and accepting filings by email. Signatures have to contain your State Bar Member Number to be valid. Electronic service is also being permitted.

We will continue updating this page as more information becomes available.

April 20 Update:

Some State Bar Court cases are moving forward as abatement is being ended on a case-by-case basis.  New cases are also being processed with conferences being scheduled remotely.  As of yet, we have not had a remote conference to see how the judges are implementing video appearances, but we have been told to expect a Zoom link for an upcoming conference.

April 27 Update:

Some State Bar Court cases are moving forward as abatement is being ended on a case-by-case basis. New cases are also being processed with conferences being scheduled remotely. We have attended a conference by Zoom, which ran very smoothly with the judge, clerk, State Bar counsel, Respondent, and Respondent’s counsel live on video. We expect Zoom conferences to continue for the time being.

May 10 Update:

State Bar is offering modified service on the Ethics Hotline, including online intake form.

May 21 Update:

California State Bar Court is getting back to work on a large scale, with cases that were abated now being unabated, court conferences being held via Zoom, and talk of Zoom trials.

At ZaviehLaw, we have now experienced status conferences via Zoom, which are simple and straightforward.  Get dressed and show up from home, and it all goes just like it does in court.

We’ve also had a settlement conference via Zoom which was quite smooth.  Having the clerk as host, the judges are putting parties in waiting rooms and breakout rooms so we can confer separately, and the tech is holding up really well.

Expect to see more remote appearances in the coming months as court resumes a full schedule.  Judges have commented off-hand about ongoing remote appearances for the foreseeable future and Zoom trials, so we expect to see this trend continue.

June 2 Update:

The State Bar Court has started scheduling Zoom trials for the next few months. Expect a remote trial if charges are filed in the next couple months.

August 10 Update:

Zoom trials are underway.  If your case goes to trial in the next several months you can expect it to be via Zoom.

September 14 Update:

If you are looking for information on viewing public hearings, you can find that here.



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