Some Work Days Get Better!

Earlier today I posted that my best days at work are when I get to call a client and let them know their investigation has been closed without charges.  Well, some days get even better.

Today, after receiving a letter closing an investigation, I then received a California State Bar Court Hearing Department decision from a trial I recently conducted in Los Angeles.  My client was completely exonerated of all charges.

Yes, some work days get even better.

Today my two clients are set free of great burdens that have plagued them for many months; as for me, my life is generally unchanged in terms of personal burdens, but I feel as light and excited as both of them.  Why?  As my colleague Sam Glover recently explained so well in an unrelated blog post, we lawyers take on our clients’ problems as our own, losing sleep over them, stressing about them, as if they were truly ours.  I did not face suspension, disbarment or restitution orders as my clients did, but my gut felt like I did.

For me, this feeling of synchronicity with my clients’ lives is how I know I found my niche in the practice of law.  I work each day on matters about which I am truly passionate, which makes me one lucky lawyer.