When Stress Turns to Relief

Nov 22, 2017 | Blog

When stress turns to relief and Bar complaint is closed


It never gets old hearing that a Bar investigation has been closed without further action against a client. Those words are all the more gratifying when they come from a particularly stressed out client. I would like to say I’m in the business of stress relief for lawyers.

What I frequently actually say is that my job is part lawyer and part counselor (not counselor-at-law, but counselor like Ph.D or MFCC or MFT). Some clients are more stressed than others, but they all carry a real burden when being investigated by the Bar. The burden varies in weight depending on so many factors. Among the most significant factors are whether there is wrongdoing that could be revealed by the investigation that is not yet on the Bar’s radar, personal and family circumstances which make the lawyer’s income stream of greater importance, job opportunities that could be lost if charges are filed, and of course the kickers of alcohol and drug addiction and depression.

This Thanksgiving, I am thankful for all of the investigations my clients have had closed this year, but I give an extra dose of gratitude for the closures for clients who felt utter despair at the prospect of a prosecution. And, I am grateful that my clients have entrusted these terribly stressful situations to me and allowed me to be of service in bringing about closure.