Getting Started with Digital Products as a Lawyer

Oct 16, 2018 | Blog

Recently, Megan Zavieh and Jess Birken sat down with Jared Correia to discuss how lawyers can get started with digital products. You can listen to this particular episode of On the Road by clicking here. This post highlights the main points.

What Is Productizing?

Productizing means that you’re using a digital information product to scale your practice. People get the legal help that they need from your digital product. Think about the last time that you watched a YouTube video, read a digital book, or made use of a PDF. All of those are versions of digital products. What you provide can be something that you’re selling, such as state specific forms or a guide on basic concepts that you find yourself explaining on a regular basis. It can also be a free guide or email course that you use to get people interested in hiring you in the future.

Why Don’t Lawyers Do This?

Digital products are common in many industries. While it is beginning to be used by lawyers, it hasn’t caught on as fast as it has in other industries. Why not? As a whole, the legal industry is behind the curve when it comes technological concepts. The thing to keep in mind is that digital products are a great way to grow your practice without trading your time for money.

How Can a Lawyer Get Started with Productizing?

Getting started with productizing can be an overwhelming process for most lawyers. Where do you start? First, identify what you want to create by choosing a problem that you find yourself addressing on a regular basis and to which you can provide an expert solution. Next, break that problem down into small pieces so that you can figure out what to productize. For example, Megan created The State Bar Playbook. This is an interactive guide that helps guide lawyers through the California Bar Discipline System. Lawyers can access videos, a forms library, a forum, and have an interactive PDF. She took her expertise and broke it down into something that a lawyer could opt to use on their own.

What’s the Real Benefit of Digital Products?

Digital products can work for your practice in a variety of ways. However, the main benefit is that you’re creating a scalable service. There are only so many hours in a day. Digital products can reach more people.

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