A Lawyer’s Job: Your Problems are My Problems

As my readers likely know, I regularly contribute to Lawyerist.com, the largest online community of solo and small firm lawyers.  The Editor in Chief Sam Glover recently wrote this excellent piece titled Why Are Lawyers So Expensive? I’ll Tell You Why.

Sam’s piece is about why lawyers cannot provide their services at super low rates without effectively changing the character of the attorney-client relationship.  What I love about the article is his description of what you get when you hire a lawyer — you get a person who takes on your problems as his own, someone who loses sleep over your problems, who checks their email while at the park with their children because they are concerned about something coming in on your case. His point is that you cannot have someone who adopts your problems as their own for minimum wage.

While Sam is right about the financial side of it, what I want my clients to take away from the article more than anything is the idea that when you hire a lawyer, you should be able to dump your problems on us, and it is our job to take them on for you.  We carry your burden; that is the job of a lawyer.