Attorney Discipline: 5 Considerations to Help You Decide If You Should Represent Yourself

If you’re involved in an attorney discipline matter through the state bar, should you represent yourself? When a lawyer receives a letter from the state bar that announces the lawyer is under investigation because of a bar complaint, there are three choices. The lawyer can respond on their own, they can get a colleague to[…]

Erin Gerstenzang on Lawyers Gone Ethical

5 Areas Where Lawyers Make Ethical Mistakes (Without Even Knowing It!) With Erin Gerstenzang [LGE 002]

Show Notes Is that contact form on your website compliant with the ethical rules? How should you handle negative online reviews by clients? The ethics rules can be complicated and often times, lawyers just don’t know that they’re violating them. In this episode, I’m joined by Atlanta criminal defense attorney and legal ethics enthusiast, Erin[…]