March 23, 2017



How Can I Help?

There are several ways I can help support you as you face the State Bar.

Consultation/Limited Scope Representation

One way is to consult with you throughout the disciplinary process. Contrary to the maxim that representing yourself is having a fool for a client, I believe that in some instances, self-representation is both doable and logical. In these instances, I provide the support you need to effectively represent yourself before the State Bar and State Bar Court.

The biggest advantage of hiring me to assist in your self-representation is that I am not emotionally involved in your case. Receiving a notice of investigation from the Bar puts any attorney on the defensive. As a matter progresses, it only gets more emotional. It is very difficult to handle such a matter effectively and in a timely fashion. I view your case from a neutral perspective and help you craft a strategic defense. When you are tempted to bury the matter on your desk, I will not let you fall behind.

For this service, you can choose pre-trial or trial support.

  • Pre-trial support includes consulting services from the time of filing of the Notice of Disciplinary Charges through the mandatory pre-trial settlement conference. If you are in this phase of the case, Pre-Trial Support is the package you need.
  • If your case is proceeding to trial, I provide consulting services from the conclusion of the mandatory settlement conference through the submission by the Hearing Department of its recommendation on discipline. This means I assist you in preparing your pre-trial statement, your trial exhibits, your witnesses and own testimony, all the way through your post-trial brief. If you are headed to trial, Trial Support is the package you need.


Pre-Trial Support


Trial Support


Subscription Services

COMING SOON! Currently in development is an online platform of videos, forms and documents for self-represented attorneys to educate and defend themselves before the State Bar. Check back for launch in 2017 or subscribe to my mailing list to receive notice when my library goes live.