March 23, 2017



Many attorneys fail to respond to the Bar’s investigations. The worst thing you can do is to do nothing. First, if you don’t respond, the only story heard by the Bar is the client’s — and all charges will be brought against you based upon the complaining witness’s version of events. Second, you have a responsibility to cooperate with the Bar, and failing to do so leads to an additional charge of non-cooperation. Do not let the notice of investigation go unanswered.

I can take the burden and stress off of you and give you the completed response you need. I offer a simple flat fee service wherein you provide me with your Bar letter, your story, and your file. You can call to tell me your details or provide them in writing. I will deliver to you a completed response ready to submit to the Bar on your letterhead. You aren’t locked in to an ongoing hourly representation. If we don’t get the investigation closed with the response, you can decide then whether to hire me for further representation. Simply get help now to respond appropriately to the Bar.

How It Works


Purchase my flat fee service online. Your fee goes into my trust account.


You will receive a link to an online form on which you can record all information relevant to your investigation.


Once I receive this form, I run a conflicts check to confirm that I am clear to work on your case. (It is extremely rare that I have a conflict that prevents me from working on a matter.)


I then begin work on the case, reviewing your intake form in great detail and preparing a draft of your response.


I will be in touch with you as I finalize the response, and you will have in your email box a complete investigation response within the time promised in your engagement.


Flat Fee Investigation Response Preparation

(Deliverable available in five business days, ready to send to State Bar)

Expedited Service Fee

(Response ready in three business days)

Rush Service Fee

(Response ready next business day)




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